Fixed Grilles

The term ‘fixed grille’ usually refers to a rigid grille made of wrought iron or steel and fixed to either the inside or the outside of the building over a window or a similar opening. This is the most basic type of barrier security. It is effective, simple and economic.

We can supply a standard burglar bar unit in various weights; ranging from light to heavy duty dependent on site requirements. Grilles are normally supplied in a powder coat finish but colours are generally restricted to either black or white.

We are happy to work with the customer to produce grilles with designs and finishes that are most suited to their requirements. While a very basic grille may be suitable for some sites, others may require something more ornamental in terms of design or colour. Whatever your requirements D&G Short will work with you to create a solution that surpasses your expectations.

Generally ‘fixed grilles’ are permanently fixed into place and cannot be removed. However, we appreciate that in certain cases this is not the ideal solution and in these cases we can manufacture grilles that have a ‘lift-off’ facility or can be opened by the use of hinges and secured by a lock.

External Door Grilles
This type of grille is used mainly in the domestic market thought there are also some commercial applications.

Fitted with a five lever lock, it is installed on the outside of an external door so that the owner of a house can examine unexpected callers before allowing them to enter the home. In commercial premises this products can be installed internally behind a fire door. An advantage of this product is that it requires no headroom, only a space in which to swing.

Retractable Grilles

Retractable grilles are becoming more popular among homeowners who realise that physical security is advisable to back up electronic alarms. The system is discreet and easy to operate and can strengthen vulnerable patio door and window areas of the home.

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Security Shutters

Roller Shutters

There are many types of roller shutters that can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials and in a broad range of finishes. We will gladly advise you as to the type of roller shutter best suited to your premises.

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